7 Amazing Reasons Why Vaping Is Not Worse Than Smoking Cigarettes

Vaping remains a new and innovative fad in an integrated digital world. Logically speaking, it may be evident that vaping provides a plethora of advantages over smoking. Are you planning to move into vaping or a newbie willing to understand the real facts? Is vaping worse than smoking cigarettes? With the few amazing reasons in this content, you will switch to vaping and abandon cigarette smoking forever.

Vaping is Easier on the Environment

Studies have revealed that e-cigs don’t unleash many chemicals in the vaporized form like a normal cigarette. On this note, it is evident that vaping remains eco-friendly when used. With vaping, you don’t have to worry about tapping the cigarette butt or ash. The level of smoke emanating from a traditional cigarette is higher when compared to an e-cig. This means that e-cigs are not likely to pollute the environment like traditional cigarettes.

Vaping Remains Classier

The trend of the new generation or era is the notion of smoking e-cigs. E-cigarettes are much more classy and sophisticated when compared to a normal cigarette. Today, you have the opportunity to discover a gamut of devices used for vaping with a personalized option. Reducing the nicotine level of e-cigs is possible without any iota of doubt.

Socially Approved

Smoking in a public area may make people see you as an irresponsible person. The odor of a traditional cigarette can make people raise an objection against the smoker. In the case of e-cigarettes, the issue of odor is properly handled. There are certain environments where smoking traditional cigarettes may not allowed. With an e-cig, the restrictions may be reduced to a small fraction.

Helps You Quit Smoking

One thing is sure about vaping e-cigs – it will help you develop the urge (or un-urge?) to stop smoking. With vaping, the self-control idea of trying to smoke less or engulfing nicotine patches will be gone. The level of nicotine consumption is controlled when smoking an e-cigarette. Since the consumption of nicotine can be reduced when vaping, you may eventually quit the habit.

Your Look Will Not Change

Believe it or not, smoking traditional cigarettes will lead to the rapid alteration of your nails, teeth and your overall appearance. Dryness of hair, itching and other health complications may arise when smoking normal cigarettes. With e-cigs, your nails, teeth or overall appearance will not alter.


Traditional cigarettes contain a plethora of harmful chemicals. This can be found in the likes of benzene, butane, methanol, nicotine and much more. In the case of e-cigs, you will find a reduced number of chemicals. With e-cigs, the production of tar that can be deposited in several organs of the body will be prevented. In a nutshell, vaping is safer compared to smoking a normal cigarette.


Without any scintilla of doubt, vaping is always affordable and cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. A simple well-design e-cigarette can be used for a lifetime. Once a stick of traditional cigarette completely burns, you will have to purchase another one. This is no brainer when you say vaping is cheaper than smoking.


Is vaping worse than smoking cigarettes? The answer to this question is no. Vaping is not worse than smoking cigarettes in several ways. Socially and economically, vaping is better. In safety, appearance, quitting the habit and being eco-friendly, vaping is clearly advantageous.

Karen Johnson