Cheap E Liquid VS Expensive: Pros and Cons

So you’re trying to decide what type of e liquid to purchase – whether to go down the broke boy route or wet your beak on the sweeter side of life. All of us vapers have been there at some point or the other.

E-Juice prices typically range $2 up to $29.99 for a 60ml bottle. The average vaper usually vapes around 2ml to 3ml of e-juice a day. This means, if you buy a 60ml bottle, it should last you about 20-30 days. Now comes the question – how much are you willing to spend for 20-30 days of vaping?

Wait … before you answer that silently in your head, let’s go over the pros and cons of buying inexpensive e-liquid first.

Cheap E Liquid Pros

Buying inexpensive e-liquid will allow you to:

    – save some money, and/or

    – buy double the e-liquid for your vape

Cheap E Liquid Cons

Buying inexpensive e-liquids may have ingredients that produce:

    – less vape cloud output when you exhale, lowering your vaping experience

    – a bad aftertaste

    – negative/adverse effects on your health

    – damage to your expensive vaporizer

In addition, low quality nicotine may be used, which would mean that you would need to vape more, and spend more on buying e-liquid.

Other Factors to Consider

Now, it isn’t really as black and white as it may seem. Some cheap e liquid may actually be of higher quality than liquids priced higher.

This is because companies may increase the price of their e-liquids but still use inexpensive ingredients when producing their products.

They can get away with this through really nice looking branding and bottles, giving the perception of higher value.

How to navigate your way through this? Your best bet is to:

    1. Figure out the maximum you’re willing to spend on a 60ml bottle.

    2. Have an idea in your head of what type of flavors interest you the most.

    3. Read and watch product reviews from real vapers on juices that fit your flavor profile and are in your “maximum willing-to-pay” range.

Following the above steps will make sure that you find yourself the perfect juice without breaking the bank, whether you choose e-cigs or vap pens.

Karen Johnson